Wednesday, 27 April 2016

C17 Globemaster III - wing work

Right then - some serious cuts to make into this wing!

I have removed the flaps and ailerons, faced up the former and put the latter aside for some hinge development work - I will get some pics of them done soon.

The next big thing to work on is the spoilers.  Fetch me a knife!

No going back now..
I cut the perimeter with a scalpel, then sliced the skin off with a retracting blade.  In this pic you can see the two servo positions - they will be right next to each other here.  Flap servo on the right, with its control rod passing down into canoe 2, and the spoiler servo on the left.  Both will be lying flat in this space, and also both accessible with the spoiler in the "up" position.  I may make a hatch for the flap servo and just leave the spoiler servo exposed.  Or not.  I'm not sure yet.

Well that went well.  The foam was well bonded to the veneer, so I'm happy with the gorilla glue approach still.

Is it getting hot in here?
I shaped up some wire to cut a 12mm deep slot in this foam, with guides to run on the veneer.  This was put into my old Hilka soldering gun, which is mostly knackered.

Slot city
Aaaaannd...done.  This will get boarded-out with 3mm medium balsa, and I may insert a hard spruce spar at the front to resist bending.  The spoiler itself's construction is still yet to be decided on.  I think it will be a composite of 3mm balsa top - glass core - 2mm balsa bottom.

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