Thursday, 28 April 2016

C17 Globemaster III - wing bits

I started off boarding the bottom of the spoiler bay with medium 1/8" balsa, then added a 1/4" square spruce "spar" across the front edge.  I let the spar in under the veneer, and wedged it in with scrap balsa.  There is a gap of white foam - this will be divided into two servo bays.  To close things off, I used some of the balsa to cap each end of the bay too.

 As the gorilla glue started to foam, the veneer lifted slightly, so I quickly cleared up the other bench a bit and weighted everything down.  It's all good this morning.

In this image you can see one of the slight "ripples" in the top surface veneer - this will be dealt with top and bottom, shortly.

Remember I mentioned the flap size?  Here is one with a standard sized retract servo placed on top for comparison.
A delivery of various carbon tubes has arrived now too - these will form the inners and outers of the fuselage joiners.

I even tidied the bench! Yes this is tidy.
A long weekend coming up, so I hope to get lots of building in!

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