Friday, 29 April 2016

C17 Globemaster III - wing and spar work

This is something I did on the A10, and I quite enjoyed it there - spar boxes from liteply.  The steel is 25mm square, and the liteply is 3mm thick, so I cut four lengths at 28mm wide.  These are then taped around the steel used as a former.
Cyano is run down the exposed edges, then given a hit of kicker.  Wait a few seconds then pull it off the spar, where you can then run cyano up the inside corners, from both ends, then hit again with kicker.  Job's a good 'un.

The first of these boxes is then glued into the nose section of the fuselage, and webs added for stiffness, after checking everything is level of course.

I then went back to the wings and removed the foam for the double-servo bay, and inserted a liteply base for mounting them.

A quick test fit, then I added balsa around the bay to fully board it out.

I now need to add the LE and TE (both will now be pine), add the tube for wiring access behind the TE, add the root faces to the fuselage, then I can add the spar boxes to the wings and close up their end-faces.  After that it will be flap canoes and setting all of their linkages up, along with the spoiler and its hinging.


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