Monday, 2 May 2016

Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker for PSS - maiden done!

On the 30th I joined up with a few of the south Wales fliers on the Ice Scream slope in the Bwlch range of hills above Treorchy for some slope flying.  The wind was NW ish, but it would gust with more W in it temporarily, giving us lots of turbulent air and not much lift.

Anyway, the Flanker got away ok in the end, after scratching out some lift she went well.  I struggled with my TX a bit, as it seems the up elevator trim switch is not working - I know this is a common fault with the 10C unfortunately, but not a big problem as I will swap it for the elevator trim switch internally.  This gave me no real feel for the planes performance in turns, as I was flying the elevator all the time I could have been close to the stall.

Enough chat, here's a video from Steve Haughton.

And a few stills from Tom May :

Some finer tuning I hope at the May PSSA meet on the same range of hills.

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