Tuesday, 3 May 2016

L59 builds continue

It's been a while since the Albatrosses appeared here, mainly as it's a build I've done the before so not a lot of it is interesting.  Here are a few pics though of recent developments that I've not done before - cockpit moulding.

I made a form from medium balsa, and sanded it fairly smooth.  I didn't go balls-out and fill / sand / prime / sand, as I just wanted to see what it would do with a Cooke bottle.  It went really well!  The flat front windscreen part came through very nicely, and no "graining" or whatever came through in the plastic.

As a first try, I am very happy.  The bottle was old and manky; I didnt remove the glue first, and I scorched the plastic near the front as the blocks moved from the bottom that hold the tension on the bottle.  I followed a how-to that was in RCM&E recently, and that I had also seen on RCG I believe, so it's great to try out and means I'm not afraid of cockpit creation any more!

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