Monday, 20 June 2016

A great weekend!

What a great weekend, with the best of company and pretty good weather too.

My first trip to Weston Park was brilliant - loads of great aircraft and precision flying, loads of laughs and loads of sun.  I even bought some models, oops!  I also came away with a great big stash of balsa and liteply, ready for this and next year's projects.

Amazing quality B2 Spirit, turbine powered.   I didn't see it fly though :(

Amazing pyros and fun-fighter flying!
Sunday was all about one special lady - XM655 at Wellesbourne.  I will get some photos up of her soon doing her fast taxi, as they are all on the big camera.

I will also update the blog shortly with some details on the new air-frames too - 4 powered aircraft and 1 new PSS!

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