Friday, 16 September 2016

A10 retires, and other projects.

So, with one official PSS event left for the year, I've decided to retire the A10 pending her winter overhaul and refit.

I'll stick her onto building board "B" as a side project, whilst the C17 and Hawker Seahawk get the most attention on building board "A".

Her updates should include :
  • weak link for nose retention tensioner
  • all servos stripped out and mountings / arms / horns checked
  • replacement of both tensioners (this should save me about a pound and a half from the AUW!)
  • Overall sand down and respray
  • New and additional decals
  • More details parts
  • Potentially moving elevator servos from the tailplane to the radio bay (should save about 2lb in nose weight)
  • Re-hinge flaps, to include movable wipers (instead of current fixed versions)
  • Add more cockpit detail
  • Investigate suspension system for landing wheels (reduces shock to anti-rotation pins)
  • Investigate lighting system (all the channels are already there, I need to chase in wiring and a controller)
  • Investigate addition of a second receiver for safety (plus two more batteries)
  • A proper lacquer coat
  • And before all of this a few minor repairs from the last landing and transportation cycle.
So plenty to do there, even for an aircraft that's only actually had 4 flights.  Alas, it is a great big learning curve using a big model like this on the slope, not to mention I've forged the way with the prototype, sorting all the niggles for the other two builders!

The C17 should start to build momentum again now, and the Seahawk needs some planking before glassing.  I can carry some of the learning from the A10 into the C17 of course, which should give her an easier life from the outset.

But for now, I'm enjoying my rest from the workshop.  I haven't opened the door in about a week, other than to throw all the models in when we got back on Monday, and won't be in there for at least another 8 days as we are off touring in the van for a while.  Bliss!

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