Monday, 3 October 2016

C17 Progress - tail build up

I have been doing some hinge-ing on the Big Grey Cloud recently, attaching elevators and rudders at this point.  I've copied the way in which Matt Jones uses the "point" type of knuckle hinge, offsetting the hinge into the control surface and creating a pocket therein for the joint.

Here are the elevators going in :

You can really push the surface up against the wing / tail when doing this, which results in the smallest of hinge gaps.  I love it.

Same on the rudders :

The rudders benefit a bit more by having a shroud attached to the fin.  This enables the huge radius on the front of the rudders to be masked a bit from view, giving a much more scale-like result.

I mounted the tailplane then, and have glued on the pink foam LE of the tailplane assembly :

And the foam part added on :

The build continues to plod along!

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