Monday, 17 October 2016

Ilyushin IL-102 build - fuselage continues

I veneered the engine nacelles at the weekend, and prepped them to have the airfoil section cut out too.  Unfortunately I didn't get around to cutting the wings as garden DIY was in order due to it being a nice weekend.  Next up for these is the addition of the intake and exhaust sections.  These will be glassed off of the aircraft for ease of access, then glued up with a spacer plate to offset them out a touch, as per full size.

I've stuck a doubled-up 3mm liteply former in the front of the fuselage to accept the wing dowel too.  I'm pretty close to sealing up the fuselage now and giving her a first sanding.

I've sorted another new airframe too - of one of the most (IMHO) attractive jet trainers ever made.  More on that when she lands!

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