Thursday, 13 October 2016

Ilyushin IL-102 build - fuselage modifications

After much ruminating, I decided a single piece wing will do the job.  This means that there will be the traditional 2 dowels for location at the front, along with a nylon bolt or two at the rear.  This also means that there will be no servo connections on show, which is not only good for looks, but for airframe efficiency too.

First stage, cut out the wing seat and reinforce with hard 3/16" balsa.  This is wood-glued into the sides and clamped :

In the background you can also see the tailplane - now shaped - and glued together at the required angle (66mm dihedral under 1 tip).

As the wing is more-or-less mid-mounted, I will also need to have a tray mounted to the underside of the wing that will be come away with it when dis-mounted.  It's a nice snug fit at the moment, and here you can see it pushed back onto the fuselage with some markings on it :

Yes, two SLEC bomb releases of course!  The '102 is a ground attack and CAS aircraft, so she will need to drop some ordnance.  Here the tray has been marked and slotted to hold the bombs.  These will be driven by a single servo in a staggered release pattern.

A weekend at home beckons, so other than a bit of DIY getting in the way, the wings shall be cut!

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