Monday, 14 November 2016

C17 Globemaster III build - fuselage work continues

Getting things done before planking.  Carbon tubes to accept the joiners :

As above, but a side view now, showing local reinforcement webs, and former doublers :

With the joiner tubes attached (yes, most of this is being built on an ironing board, just like the A10!) :

Wing root fairing started.  I slid the wing on to the spar to position the outer "hard" ply face, then added 1/2" square balsa blocks for spacers :

This was then planked in 3/32" sheet, and sanded smooth.  I braced the ribs front and back with 1/2" square hard balsa :

The start of the tail section alignment!  The fin & tailplane is currently about 2 degrees off the vertical.  The tail section has been pushed roughly onto it's mating tubes, to get some idea of the overall alignment progress.  Next it'll be downstairs to get the wings on at the same time, then a few measurements will need to be taken.  Once happy and everything is square, I will bond the carbon sleeves in the tail section.

Oh, the nose foam has been sanded and also has received a skim coat of lightweight filler here too :

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