Tuesday, 8 November 2016

C17 Globemaster III build - some fuselage progress

After visiting the LMA show with the PSSA guys in October, I came to realise that the model's slow progress was more to do with the construction method, rather than the size of the model itself.  The wings are nearly done, the tail is done, the tail section needs final sanding, but the nose had stalled.

All that foam had gotten to me, and I hated sectioning it up / shaping it / sanding it / gluing it in / pinning it.  Then it still needs a lot of work to get to the final shape, then a semi-complex covering method!  So I decided to knock it on the head, leave the foam where it is, then stringer-and-plank it.

Some of the foam will be removed out the front, but the nose section is now going to be built up and planked with 3/32" sheet.

So then, enough talk - here are some pictures.

Stood on her "tail", undercarriage stringers being added

Some white foam has been shaped here, and some stringers added

On her belly again, stringers on the top

Some of this foam will stay, as shaping wood around here will be a pain
So, some progress then.  I have realised that a battery and ballast tray will need to be added up front ASAP whilst there is still access.

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