Monday, 6 March 2017

C17 Globemaster III build - Alignment checks build up and wing work

I assembled the Big Grey Moose again on Saturday, one of her last full assemblies before the glassing starts, to check for fit and alignment of the fuselage sections and tail / wing parallelism.  All went well, even though it was quite breezy.  I should have been flying really, but it wasn't that warm and I'd prefer to be in the workshop currently.

Weight isn't too bad at the moment - she is just over 30lbs.  Her biggest problem is the weight of the wings - they are monstrous.  If she flies well, I may have to put some thought into a built-up, balsa sheeted wing - perhaps using the "min-waste" method of rib production once I have the CNC router built up.

So with that reasonable success, I rearranged the top shed so I could get a forward fus / wing assembly in there to sort the anti rotation pins and root blend.

First rough sand.  The trick here is to sand down to the parcel tape I've used a parting medium, and no further :

Getting there, and first pull-apart (phew, that worked!) :

Remove the tape and a final polish up.  That'll do I think :

Now it's time to flip her over and do the other under side.

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