Monday, 13 March 2017

F104 Starfighter and Fouga Magister build progress - in paint

A busy weekend for me doing work in the garden and popping into the workshop to spray paint on two airframes that I want ready for April's PSSA meet.

Fouga and F104 on their backs getting the light grey underside :

The lots and lots (and lots) of masking.  I hate masking :

Rolled over, then on with the top surface dark grey :

Yet more masking.  Did I say I hate it? :

Final top colour :

But I do love peeling masking off, especially with enamel paints, as their is never any risk of it peeling off :

Done and ready for decals, panel lines, and weathering.

I had some remedial work to around the Fouga cockpit, so unfortunately she didn't get included in the top coats.  I'm nearly done with that, so she should be finished this week too.  Hurrah!

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