Friday, 23 June 2017

1/6th Scale PSS A10 Thunderbolt II - upgrades and repairs - part 3

OK so work continues on the new tail.  Here we have the carbon spar, hinge blocks, servo bays, and wiring all in place for the rudder servos : 

Then some local bracing for the carbon dowels to stick through at the front of the tail.  Here, she is shown mounted in the fuselage:

And from the top - perfect fit!

The top skin was then added, along with a liteply end face, that had the carbon tube protruding through.  Front hole is for wiring access, rear hole is for the M4 bolt :

The fins then need a corresponding mating face.  This was pressed up against the vertical spars within the balsa structure, locally reinforced with triangular section.  The carbon dowel was cyano'ed in place, then backed up with a large, thickened, epoxy fillet on the back face.  

The gap that currently has balsa wedges in will be lined with balsa to tie the skin in, and neaten things up a bit :

Bolt holes drilled through and now mounted on the original plastic bolts: 

Then the fin was slipped on, and the nylon bolt done up: 

From the inside: 

So I need to do the other fin mounting plate, line the fin gaps with balsa, do the tailplane blends front and back, then its ready for glassing.


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