Friday, 14 July 2017

Where was I? Ah yes, more building - PSS F15 & C17

It's been a little while, and I can't remember where I got to with what builds are in progress on here, so some explanation is needed.

The HET F15 that I swapped with Matt Jones for a HET MiG 29 is now back in my possession.  He ran out of interest in it in the final furlong, and has nearly finished a large model of his own design for the slope, so I snapped it up at Weston Park model show.  Matt has done a lot of lovely work, including blanking off intakes, converting to a 2 seater, glassing the wings, making the fins plug-in, creating better tailplane bearings, installing servos, correcting oil-canning of the fibreglass etc etc.

There are just a few little bits to do and she will be ready for paint.  Some spot putty going in on the wing / fus joint :

Sanded down this side : 

Servo install all done.  Oh yes, all carbon pushrods have been made up and supplied too : 

A lovely twin seat cockpit, with ejector seats and pilots from Real Model Pilots : 

Canopy plug, hand made by Matt.  So one of those to mould by me : 

I am also finalising the fitment of the flaps on the C17, and prepping the U2 for a partial respray and decals.  

Speaking of C17, the engine halves came quite a few weeks ago, and I set about fettling the first one together :

Not too shabby, but I will blow over the joint with a guide coat before filling and rubbing back again: 

Right, that's it for now.  RIAT tomorrow and Sunday!

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