Tuesday, 8 August 2017

C17 Globemaster III build - glass at last, and U2 respray

The Big Grey Moose has at last visited the garage workshop for glass-work.  I was glassing the new A10 tailplane, along with the rebuilt Hawk fuselage, so thought I may as well get the big girl moved along a bit at the same time.

Underside first :

Then the top :

The U2 had some love just recently, and I forgot to add pictures.  All the little dings and scratches were first smoothed out with 3M red-spot glazing putty, then where needed, the airframe was re-sprayed in matt black.  I then added panel lines with a soft pencil, added some decals, then blasted satin lacquer all over.

Results :

I am very happy with that, and she should look a lot neater in the air now.

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