Thursday, 13 September 2018

Hawker Hurricane mk iid JV-Z for PSS - it flies!

Well, she flies, and flies well.  At just over the 4lb mark, the penetration and and energy retention is quite impressive, and will easily leave a JP and A4 (previous mass builds) in it's wake in the same conditions!

I also maidened the SBD - which I was pleasantly surprised with; the little Mustang - great fun and nimble; and lastly the Rafale was sorted enough to put in a good flying session.  She needs a bit more up-trim winding into the linkage permanently I think.

The SBD was a real star though - very aerobatic, and very stable through the turbulence.  The dive brakes work well, and lower the aircraft as if on an elevator, and I even dropped a bomb on the slope!

All in all, a great meet, and 3 great new aircraft all sorted.

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