Tuesday, 4 September 2018

PSS 2018 Mass Build - Hawker Hurricane mk iid

I haven't really covered this aircraft on the blog here, as mostly I kept a forum thread updated with progress instead.  That can be viewed, here.

JV-Z was a 6 Squadron aircraft, and part of the "Desert Air Force", or 1st Tactical Air Force as it later became known.  JV-Z was a mk iid Hurricane, armed with two 40mm Vickers "S"cannon and just two .303's in the wings loaded with tracer for aiming purposes.  The 40mm cannon were loaded with just 15 rounds each, and the aircraft was equipped with extra armour around the radiator, engine, and pilot.  This only made a "marginal" difference to performance, apparently.

6 squadron earned itself the nickname "The Flying Can Openers", and modern 6 sqdn aircraft have a small motif on the aircraft to celebrate that.

My Hurricane is built from the mass-build Matt Jones plan, and weighs in at 4lb 6ozs RTF.

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