Monday, 7 January 2019

NYE flying, and back to the workshop

The annual PSSA informal NYE & NYD meet was another good one this year, although I only attended the NYE.  We were blessed with 32mph SW winds into the favoured bowl on the Great Orme, which provided ample lift for everything.

At last, a flying shot of JV-Z!  She really does handle so nicely :

The A10 got away OK, but flew unconvincingly for the first 5 minutes as all the trims were far out :

A good turn-out of PSSA pilots and plenty of variation in what we were flying :

Before I went up, I replaced the old rattly hitch on the trailer with a new shiny one:

No more clunks and bangs from that, excellent.

I've been designing and printing more parts recently - this is a Mk10A ejection seat from a Tornado :

I've now glassed the Seahawk canopy plug, and should be close to finishing that this week.  I've also spent some time insulating the shed, so it will be OK to spray in there at this time of year - the Tiffie being the first victim.

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