Thursday, 17 January 2019

Pilots and ejection seats

As mentioned previously, I've been doing some work for a friend, designing and making ejection seats for a Tornado (Martin Baker mk10a), as well as buying a 3d model of a jet pilot that I can scale and print for various aircraft in the future.

Pilot on seat:

Left arm just placed on for testing:

This should be approx 10th scale:

Straight off the printer:

A seat on it's own.  This one is slightly smaller than what was actually required - nearer 11th scale:


  1. Where can I get the file for the 1/10th scale pilot and seat? I Need to get one of each for my FreeWing F-18.

  2. Send info to

  3. Hi there, sorry the files aren't for sale but I do sell printed items through ebay. Search for scale pilot and seat. Cheers, Andy.