Tuesday, 11 June 2019

6th scale Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX - build continues

The build progresses well, and I think a finish for the Lleyn is still likely - just!

3D printed gun bulge, cyano'ed onto the glass :

The wing was then ready for primer, so into the shed for 2k high build primer :

3D printed exhausts all in a row for priming.  Two from the Tiffie there too, as she lost them on the Orme somewhere (oops) :

Elevators and rudder covered in green Solartex, ready for priming :

Slightly out of sequence, but here is the carb intake with magnets attached, getting a P38 filler base applied :

The 3D printed spinner had a hole cut in the back, then lead shot and epoxy poured in through the rear.  I still need to sort the attachment method here :

I'm currently working on the cockpit installation so I can get the fuselage buttoned up ready for top coat.  Not long now I hope!

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