Monday, 24 June 2019

6th scale Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX - nearing the finish line! (300th post!)

Only a few days (well, 3 in fact) to go until we leave for the Lley, so the Spit has been at full throttle all weekend.  Paint, most of the decals, and first pass weathering now complete :

Cockpit glued on and masked

All primed and ready to roll: 

Underside light grey first: 

Top side "Ocean Grey" added: 

Grey masked off, green sprayed: 

Masking off, paint hardening: 

Close enough I think: 

British warbird storage area :) : 

More decals going on, along with panel lines: 

First pass at weathering: 

Yes, she is a DiVA: 

More to come, might have to start putting in a few hours before work now, too.

I just noticed, that was the 300th post!

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