Thursday, 25 August 2016

C17 Progress - tail artwork

I belong to a few aviation photography enthusiast sites on Facebook, and I saw these come up.  Taken at Brize Norton, one of our (RAF's) C17's with an anniversary tail.

I love that!  At the size of the tail, that should be easy to hand pant I reckon.

Please note that credit for the images is in the bottom right of each picture.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

New mini-Fulcrum

..although it is about the same length as my own design version!

This new HET MiG is now in my possession, but I've been very very lucky.  Matt Jones (of the PSSA) kindly did all the repairs for me that was needed, as well as removing extra hardware from inside; rubbing down the extrerior and priming it; turned up aluminium pegs and created a magnetized fin removal system; cut-in ailerons and added torque rods; recovered the wings; blanked off the intakes; tidied up the cockpit.

Unbelievable!  It was so very kind of him, and I am very chuffed that he applied his extensive skill set to my airframe for free.

I have chosen a darker Slovakian digital camo scheme for this one, but I will get onto that after sorting out the servo installation.

Missed transmitter

I registered a long time ago with T9Hobbysport for when the FRSky Horus would be available, and  I received the email just this morning saying that they're on their way.  Bugger!  I'd just spent the funds on 4 new tyres for the TT that I'd put aside for this - such a shame.

The next batch is due in at the end of September, however, so maybe I can save enough pennies for then.

I've been using FRSky modules (both with and without telemetry) in various Futaba transmitters for about 6 years now, so this should be a nice upgrade with the extra features and ability to run 16 channels, when needed.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

PSSA 2016 - Lleyn Peninsula

Now I'm back into the old swing of things as far as work goes, I thought I better do some updates to the blog!

The PSSA meet was a great success, with Saturday being able to fly most of the aircraft present.  I maidened the Vulcan, and am very happy to have won model of the event!  I couldn't believe that - my second award with the PSSA (first was best static model at the JP meet in 2014, with my OD Mig29).

It was great to get my Horten back, too.  I couldn't remember the exact trim levels, but took a stab and threw her out, where she performed flawlessly.

The Sunday of the event wasn't so great wind-wise, although a few lightweight PSS models did fly, I took the opportunity to get the Pike away in the afternoon though.  There's nothing quite like launching into a 5mph wind coming up a sea cliff!  The Pike really flies well in very marginal conditions - everyone was amazed that I could pull away to altitude then bang out some fast passes and aeros close in. 

I also flew my F35 EDF and Radjet, which are a good giggle, but not the best for a PSS meet.  The rest of the week was outstanding, and we got a bit more cliff soaring and electric assist thermalling done too.  A great holiday in the best Welsh weather.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

PSSA @ the Lleyn Peninsula

Not long now until the 4th meet of the year for the PSSA.  Saturday's weather so far looks the best, but I'm REALLY glad I've got the whole of next week motorhoming it right on the cliffs.  18-20mph  (gusting 30's!) SE to W - bliss!

L39 Progress - stick a fork in it, it's done

All finished, other than the tip tanks which are currently in the shed drying!

Monday, 8 August 2016

L39 Albatross progress - final paint done

I haven't posted about this wee bugger for a time now, mainly because I've just been getting on and finishing it off.  So here are some updates!  I've gone for a vaguely Russian "aggressor" type scheme, which I think always look nicer without hard edges.  I rattle-can finished the base colour of "appliance white" over my typical silver HK film / Prymol / plastic primer base.

Ready for some colour

First blue on

Second blue on. Done!

Cockpit masking seems to have worked OK, which is nice.  I've spent this morning sorting out aileron crank clearances (which is always a pain in these), and getting the servo installs done.

I've got a couple of touch-ups to do on the paint front, add the decals, maybe some panel lines, a quick C of G tweak and it's done.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A quick fleet swap-around

So I have now sold my B52, to the chap that bought my Horten 229.  With a quick bit of horse trading, I will have cash my way and my Horten back into the fleet, in exchange for the Buff.  Bonus!

Looking forward to getting her back in the air.