Tuesday, 13 June 2017

New baby! Dassault Rafale for PSS

At the weekend Dirk Tink brought across a model for me from a chap in Belgium who seems to have a huge supply of the old HET models (same manufacturer as my glass Mig29 and the F15 that Matt Jones now has).

It's a little (950mm) Dassault Rafale!  I love those aircraft, with their sexy sucked-in cheeks and pointy noses, and had planned one for a balsa build at some point - I had drawn up about 6 formers for a much bigger one.

This'll do me for now though, with a lightweight glass fuselage, foam-veneered wings and a lovely clear canopy.

Here's some full-size pics for reference :

I have no idea when this build will start or finish, but there isn't much to do in reality, so it might be quick?


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